Research Interaction Team (RIT)         Spring 2020


Doron Levy 

Time: Tuesday, 1pm

Location: Zoom meeting ID: 991 0928 7485. Passcode: 141592

Section Number: AMSC 689 (3502).  Register for 1-3 Credits.


2/2  Organizational meeting

2/9  Doron Levy (UMD)

2/16 Doron Levy (UMD)

2/23 Tomasso Lorenzi (Torino) Dissecting the evolutionary and spatial dynamics of cancer through partial differential equations

3/2 Dominik Wodarz (UC Irvine) Mathematical Models of Cancer Dynamics and Infections

3/9  Doron Levy (UMD)  Fighting drug resistance with math

3/16 Spring Break

3/23 Jana Geverz (College of NJ) Exploring the predictive abilities of a mathematical model of cancer immunotherapy

3/30 Zeynep Kecar / Sid Sharma (UMD)

4/6  Anna Obenauf (IMP, Vienna) Understanding tumor evolution during therapy response and resistance.

4/13 Heiko Enderling (Moffitt) Mathematical models in biology: from calibration and validation to predictions

4/20  Anna Marciniak-Czochra (Heidelberg) Mathematical modelling of intra-patient heterogeneity in acute leukemias

4/27  Renee Brady (Moffitt) Predicting individual responses to hormone therapy in prostate cancer  

5/4   Philip Maini (Oxford) Modeling collective cell movement in biology and medicine

5/11   Last meeting


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