Spring 2012: Research Interaction Team (RIT) 


  Jim Greene
  Dan Weinberg
  Doron Levy 

Time:        Friday 11-12

Location:  CSIC 4122 (CSCAMM Seminar Room)

Section Number: AMSC 689 (3502)


2/3      Organizational meeting

2/17    Durrett, Foo, Leder, Mayberry, Michor. "Evolutionary dynamics of tumor progression with random fitness values."

2/24    Luria and Delbruck. "Mutations of bacteria from virus sensitivity to virus resistance."

3/9      Lea and Coulson.  "The distribution of the number of mutants in bacterial populations."

3/30    Perfahl, Byrne, Chen, Estrella, Alarcon, Lapin, Gatenby, Gillies, Lloyd, Maini, Reass, and Owen.  "Multiscale modelling of vascular tumour growth in 3D:  the roles of domain size and boundary conditions."

4/6      Chaplain.  "Modelling aspects of cancer growth:  insight from mathematical and numerical analysis and computational simulation."

4/13    Chaplain, Ganesh, and Graham.  "Spatio-temporal pattern formation on spherical surfaces: numerical simulation and application to solid tumour growth."

4/20    Ritter, Wilson, Pompei, and Burmistrov.  "The multiscale model of cancer development:  some implications."

4/27    Othmer and Stevens.  "Aggregation, blowup, and collapse:  the ABS's of taxis in refined random walks."

4/27    Hayflick.  "The limited in vitro lifetime of human diploid cell strains."

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